D8 Gummies -FAQ

Whats is D8 T.H.C.?

Like D9(T.H.C.) D8 is a cann'abis compound with with psych-otropic properties. The naturally occurring compound is one of more than 100 cann'abinoids found in cann'abis, a genus of flowering plants with therapeutic benefits that humans have been harnessing for centuries.

Do D8 gummies get you high?

Absolutely. But not in the way you might expect. unlike T.H.C. which can be extremely potent in edible form, D8 promises a sharper and more focused high.

How long does it take for D8 gummies to work?

Our cann'abinoid-infused edibles contain 25mg of D8 distillate per gummy, what we like to call the magic number. you may start to feel the effects within half an hour, though it can sometimes take up to 90 minutes for your D8 gummy to kick in. The high should peak around two to three hours after consumption.

Are D8 gummies safe?

As a naturally derived derivative of the hemp plant, D8 gummies are not only safe but also federally legal in most states. The cann'abinoid is around 70% as potent as D9 T.H.C., making it a great alternative for consumers chasing a more laid-back high.