What is H.H.C.?

H.H.C. is short for hexahydrocann'abinoid, a naturally occuring cann'abinoid found in the Cann'abis sat'iva plant. Here's where things get a little more complicated. While H.H.C. is naturally produced by the cann'abis plant, it's only found in very small amounts.

H.H.C. vs. T.H.C.

H.H.C. is essentially a modified version of T.H.C. This is where the term "semi-synthetic" comes from. The molecular structure remains very similar, meaning H.H.C. promises all the mood-altering effects of T.H.C. with some added benefits.

What does H.H.C. feel like?

Similar to T.H.C., H.H.C. highs can be long and intense. The onset is usually gradual, building up to feeling of euphoria and happiness. for many people H.H.C. can have a powerful effect on the body's TRP pain receptors.

Is H.H.C Legal?

H.H.C. is fully legal in most US states, unlike D9 T.H.C. which is ofter classes as a controlled substance. As H.H.C. produces similar psycho-active effects to T.H.C, it's a great alternative.