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C.B.D.a Full Spectrum Tincture 1oz Tincture

1350mg total C.B.D.a, yielding 45mg per dropperful (1ml).


C.B.D.a, or cann'abidiolic acid, is the acidic form of C.B.D. This means it hasn’t been heated (or gone through de-carboxylation) and is in the “live” form of C.B.D..

C.B.D.. works with your endocann'abinoid system to make you feel more calm, focused, and more you! You can take C.B.D.a. at any time of the day for a relaxing experience.



  • Anti-Nausea
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Mood Enhancing Anti-Depressant


The most effective way to consume our C.B.D.a. Tincture is to put one full dropper under your tongue and let sit for 60 seconds. This is the way to get the most absorption and potency from the oil. With more use, increase dosage and see what works best for you and your body!

For other uses you can also drop the oil into a beverage or food of choice.


<.3% D9 T.H.C.

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