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Contents: 1 gram D8 T.H.C. Vape Cartridge

All Natural Hemp Terpenes


  • Skittlez has a sweet but sour flavor that tastes like your favorite candy.
  • OG Kush has an earthy and gassy flavor that packs a punch. After a few hits, the aroma fills the room.
  • Headband is a potent savory flavor with a hint of citrus zest. The relaxing effects and vibes are quick to onset.
  • Watermelon OG is sugary sweetness watermelon with some gassy notes.
  • Girl Scout Cookies has flowery but cookie-like aromas. It smells and tastes like vanilla cookies.
  • Super Lemon Haze provides relief and a balanced mood. Lemon-lime citrus is the flavor profile because of high limonene terpene content.

<.3% D9 T.H.C.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jackie williams

Great stuff! So good! Great flavor, smooth, and is doing wonders with my anxiety. Thanks so much!

Kelley Marie Lonigan

Love, love, love this!! I have been recommending the cartridges to everyone! I’ve been needing a tolerance break and i decided to order the Watermelon OG, I was absolutely blown away with this product. I was able to not only cut down on my consumption, but save myself from having to go to the dispensary so often. Some days I prefer the D8 carts over the edibles I normally consume. I just bought 3 more cartridges to try out and I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive. The best part? It’s delivered right to my door in a matter of days. Amazing product from an amazing company.

Elijah Santiago

Smokes amazing and taste great, best bang for your buck

jarin jakobson

Love it!- Flavorful and excellent quality

Arlene Lachman

Great products, prices & quality,I am pleased with the quality and value of the products I purchased. The website is easy to navigate. Products are nicely displayed and packaged. Shipping is quick. Highly recommend.

Feeling good doesn't have to be complicated

At Cannessentials we value your trust and well-being, whether you're recreational user, or seeking the many health benefits hemp-derived products can provide.

With so many hemp-derived products to choose from these days, our philosophy is simple. We believe in providing premium products at prices that just make sense.

Potent & Delicious

All of our products come in a large variety of delicious flavors using 100% all natural ingredients. Every batch is rigorously 3rd party lab tested for purity & potency.

We provide up to date COA's for every product we sell, as well as dosing recommendations to ensure the best experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are D8 Vapes?

D8 Cartridges and Vaping has reimagined the way we enjoy hemp, replacing carcinogenic smoke with smoother, more lung-friendly vapor. As well as gaining traction for their health benefits, vaping devices have won the attention of herb aficionados chasing flavor, aroma, and unique terpenes. These are what give strains their distinctive characteristics and are responsible for descriptions like woody, tropical, spicy, sugary, and citrusy. 

Cartridges are a key component of vaping devices, allowing you to harness the therapeutic properties of botanicals with the click of a button. While D9 T.H.C. (often shortened to simply T.H.C.) has dominated the industry for years, its hemp-derived cousin D8 has now stormed onto the scene and is making waves with its smooth, clear-headed highs and subtle psycho-active effects. 

Do D8 Vapes get you high?

Absolutely. But not in the way you might expect. Unlike D9 T.H.C, D8 T.H.C. promises a sharper and more focused high. This means you won’t experience the heavy limbs, foggy head or lethargic comedowns that are often associated with traditional T.H.C. products.

What is D8?

Like D9 T.H.C.D8 T.H.C. is a hemp compound with psycho-tropic properties. The naturally occurring compound is one of more than 100 cann'abinoids found in hemp, a genus of flowering plants with therapeutic benefits that humans have been harnessing for centuries. While both D9 and D8 T.H.C. will get you high, the latter offers a much milder and less intense experience than its potent cousin. 

D8 is an isomer of T.H.C., sharing an almost identical molecular structure. While they’re virtually duplicates, the pair do have a few notable differences. Chemically speaking, D9 T.H.C. has a double bond on the ninth carbon chain while D8 T.H.C. has a double bond on the eighth carbon chain. 

Unlike T.H.C.D8 can also be extracted from hemp. This makes it a legal substance in most US states. The 2018 Farm Bill classed naturally derived hemp products as legal under federal law. The mild and clear-headed effects of D8, coupled with the fact the cann'abinoid is federally legal in most states, has helped propel it to new highs. 

Are D8 vapes safe & legal?

As a naturally derived derivative of the hemp plant, D8 vapes are not only safe but also federally legal in most states.

As well as delivering a smoother head and body high, D8 offers the same anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) benefits associated with tradtional T.H.C. products.