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The D8 Beach Bundle is the perfect way to start your summer off right with the perfect items to take to the beach or wherever you go!

20 gummiesvegan and gluten-free

1 Vape Cartridge - smooth and potent 

The suggested serving size for a typical consumer is approximately one gummy, however, it is recommended that those who may be more sensitive to the effects of T.H.C. start with half a gummy. D8 gummy potency can last around 5-8 hours. It takes anywhere from half-hour to an hour and a half for the effects to become apparent, however, onset times may vary based on one’s digestive system. The maximum effects often set in two to three hours post-consumption. It is recommended to wait no less than three hours before altering dosages.

<.3% D9 T.H.C.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
jarin jakobson

Love it!- Flavorful and excellent quality

Jarin Jakobson

10 stars- Best d8 you can find hands down I would give it 10 stars if I could

Jarin Jakobson

Great product, price, and customer service Me and my wife love the carts they have great flavor and a effect. I have already recommended to multiple people because they also have great customer service and price.

Brianna Hayden

Can’t wait to try- I actually haven’t used this product yet. But I can smell the terpes when I put my nose to the package so I am excited and if it’s gonna be anything like the disposable I’ve been using them it’s gonna be amazing.

Jackie williams

Great stuff! So good! Great flavor, smooth, and is doing wonders with my anxiety. Thanks so much!

Feeling good doesn't have to be complicated

At Cannessentials we value your trust and well-being, whether you're recreational user, or seeking the many health benefits hemp-derived products can provide.

With so many hemp-derived products to choose from these days, our philosophy is simple. We believe in providing premium products at prices that just make sense.

Potent & Delicious

All of our products come in a large variety of delicious flavors using 100% all natural ingredients. Every batch is rigorously 3rd party lab tested for purity & potency.

We provide up to date COA's for every product we sell, as well as dosing recommendations to ensure the best experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do D8 gummies edibles get you high?

Absolutely. But not in the way you might expect. Unlike T.H.C. which can be extremely potent in edible form, D8 promises a sharper and more focused high. This means you won’t experience the heavy limbs, foggy head or lethargic comedowns that are often associated with smoking joints or eating T.H.C. edibles.

8 Gummies usage

Many prefer to use D8 as a sleep aid and relaxer while others use D9 to boost energy and creativity. The effects of D8 can be euphoric and soothing without anxiety or paranoia.

What is D8?

Like D9 T.H.C.D8 T.H.C. is a hemp compound with psycho-tropic properties. The naturally occurring compound is one of more than 100 cann'abinoids found in hemp, a genus of flowering plants with therapeutic benefits that humans have been harnessing for centuries. While both D9 and D8 T.H.C. will get you high, the latter offers a much milder and less intense experience than its potent cousin. 

D8 is an isomer of T.H.C., sharing an almost identical molecular structure. While they’re virtually duplicates, the pair do have a few notable differences. Chemically speaking, D9 T.H.C. has a double bond on the ninth carbon chain while D8 T.H.C. has a double bond on the eighth carbon chain. 

Unlike T.H.C.D8 can also be extracted from hemp. This makes it a legal substance in most US states. The 2018 Farm Bill classed naturally derived hemp products as legal under federal law. The mild and clear-headed effects of D8, coupled with the fact the cann'abinoid is federally legal in most states, has helped propel it to new highs. 

How long does it take for D8 gummies to work? 

Our cann'abinoid-infused edibles contain 25mg of D8 distillate per gummy, what we like to call the magic number. You may start to feel the effects within half an hour, though it can sometimes take up to 90 minutes for your D8 gummy to kick in. The high should peak around two to three hours after consumption. 

It’s also worth mentioning that onset times may vary based on your digestive system, as well as whether you’ve eaten in the past few hours. Some consumers prefer to enjoy D8 gummies on an empty stomach to fast-track the effects. Others like to use D8 gummies after a meal for a slower and more mellow experience.  

How many D8 gummies should I take?

The suggested serving size for a typical consumer is approximately one gummy, which contains 25mg of D8 distillate. This is enough to give even seasoned connoisseurs a clear-headed high. If you’re chasing a longer and more intense high, it’s not unusual to pop two or even three gummies in the same session. Ultimately, it depends on how your body reacts and your experience with hemp in general. 

The high usually lasts for around five to eight hours, though again this can vary between consumers. If you’re more sensitive to T.H.C. or just starting out with edibles, start with half a gummy or even a quarter. As highs usually peak at the two to three-hour mark, we wouldn’t recommend increasing your dosage until at least three hours after taking your first gummy. Once you’ve got a few sessions under your belt you’ll quickly learn what works best for you. There’s no rush so take things slow to get the most out of your guide to D8 gummies. 

Are D8 gummies safe?

As a naturally derived derivative of the hemp plant, D8 gummies are not only safe but also federally legal in most states. The cann'abinoid is around 70% as potent as D9 T.H.C., making it a great alternative for consumers chasing a more laid-back high. 

As well as delivering a smoother head and body high, D8 offers the same anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) benefits associated with T.H.C. and C.B.D. The cann'abinoid is also a powerful antiemetic medication (used to treat nausea and vomiting), as well as a proven orexigenic (appetite stimulant), and analgesic (pain reliever).

Of course, the dosage is an important part of using D8 safely and responsibly. This is where pre-packaged and well-labeled gummies really step up. When you pop a Cannessentials D8 gummy you know exactly how much distillate you’re consuming. This makes it easy to control your dosage, space out your gummies, and enjoy a smoother, more relaxing high. 

Want to know more about D8 gummies? We’re always here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more about our premium, hemp-derived D8 edibles.